About US Exclusive


"Our mission is to create luxury high quality jewellery at an affordable price range."

We are SADIVAS JEWELS EXCLUSIVE. We aim to provide luxury jewellery within your reach. A couple times a year for seven days we will introduce our exclusive designer collections that will only be sold online and only available for seven days straight. We are committed to providing exclusivity through access over price for our clients and build unique one off collections to meet every woman's needs. It will be your most thrilling shopping experience with designs unlike any other. Are you the destination wedding attender that is specifically looking for affordable travel jewellery? or the working women that is looking for quality staple necklaces for your day to day wear? We have got you covered.   


 We are a mother and daughter team. Sharing our passion for jewellery and creativity, we have constructed this company to share our exclusive designs with people who share the same passion. We believe in dressing appropriately for the occasion so we aim to save you from your future jewellery crisis. With Kavita (CEO) having over 25 years of experience in the jewellery world and Karriena's (Marketing Director) fashion design background we have taken our knowledge and experience to present you with Sadivas Jewels Exclusive.